Molly Harris

Atlanta, GA
University Of Georgia
Food, Drink, Travel
  • As a former line cook, Molly is well acquainted with the challenges of the food industry. Molly has written about food for six years and continues to explore new techniques and dishes in her own kitchen.
  • Molly loves nothing more than finding the best dives wherever she goes, but there's something about a particularly well-executed cocktail bar that keeps her coming back too. She is an avid study of wine and spirits and continues to learn more daily. Molly has visited and interviewed Master Blenders, Master Distillers and a host of winemakers in the six years she has covered drink stories.
  • Travel has enticed Molly for as long as she can remember. When given the chance, she always opted to hit the road. In the six years that Molly has covered travel, she has visited many countries to tell unusual or overlooked stories. Molly divides her time between the American South and Eastern Europe.


Molly Harris is a freelance journalist from Atlanta, Georgia. She frequently travels throughout the American South and Eastern Europe where she loves browsing through markets and convenience stores. Her work appears both online and in print for publications such as Travel + Leisure, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, and USA Today.


Molly's education in international affairs and public relations prepared her to contribute to economic development projects such as tourism initiatives. However, while traveling and living abroad as well as working as a line cook in college, she learned about the rich cultural impact of food and breaking bread with others. That is when she began writing about food and travel.
Stories By Molly Harris